Shop4Support user experience – Aylesbury Library

We have been live with our new E-commerce platform,Shop4Support for just over 3 months now. 16 services were lifted from Zipporah and recreated within Shop4Support. Whilst doing so we have created efficiencies for both the customer and the business such as upload facilities, guest checkouts and combining products into one using drop down menus. Since go live over £190k worth’s of orders received and nearly 200 accounts active.

Continuing improvement

Feedback on the new system has been positive from services but to ensure we were still meeting our customer’s needs I took to the library! Armed with an IPad and the aim to improve the customer’s journey.  This was a valuable opportunity to see in real time the customer’s journey to access our products. The library offered a wide range of testers from differing ages, 17 – 60 and backgrounds. Each asked to find a specific product and navigate themselves.


Several results within the testing became consistent among users. The most insightful was how customers accessed the product information on the BCC site. All used the search bar or A-Z. Not one customer routed themselves through the main content navigation. Highlighting the importance of keeping these routes updated and relevant.  I also saw how essential high level product information/key words are required throughout the journey. Users recommended higher level detail within the results to help distinguish the relevant options. Once on the products users commented that the journey to purchase was smooth, with prominent “Pay now” buttons and easy to navigate checkout. 

Following the user experience my next step is to ensure all product details/results are relevant and at a high level. I have already re-mastered product detail for Street Works and plan to adopt the same high level formulae to remaining services. I also plan on touching base with Shop4Support to ensure our online journey remains consistent, regardless of device.

For anyone thinking of user experience I would highly recommend the library. It’s a great location to touch base with our customers, face 2 face and really understand their needs.


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