Work shadowing – Digital HQ

By Nicola Johnstone, Family Information Assistant, Buckinghamshire Family Information Service

Last Friday I had the pleasure of spending a day in Digital HQ. I was there to work shadow Becki Boraston, a Digital Content Officer to find out what they are doing in Digital Comms and to gain new skills to develop my current role as a Family Information Assistant for the Buckinghamshire Family Information Service.

Becki’s role is to improve and maintain the Buckscc website.  Her job is to look at the website from the user’s point of view, follow their journey and ensure the user gets the information they require and has the best possible experience.  It was evident that like all successful projects a lot of planning goes into each page before they even start to think about how to build it to the finished polished usable product.

Becki and I discussed some of their current projects, Maintain My Street, Find My Child a School Place, Waste Permits (who knew there were so many types of waste permit!).  She showed me in detail how they use Firmstep, which we also use but it was interesting to see what can be done in the ‘back end’ of the system.

Whilst I was there I also had the opportunity of meeting Liam who is currently working on a paperless post room, Cameron who works  on the e-commerce side and Sarah who is currently working on libraries, who all kindly took time to talk to me about what they do and the goals they are working to.

I found my day really interesting and informative, I thank the team for allowing me to sit with them for the day.

I’ll bring cakes next time!!

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